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Attention Ontario!

On April 3, 2019 Bill 66 was passed into law in Ontario. What does this mean for employers? The key changes are to the provision s around Overtime Averaging, Excess Hours and Employment Standards postings.

Overtime Averaging agreements no longer need to be approve by the Employment Standards Director (ESD), but a written agreement between the employer and the employee still applies. As well, the averaging period has now increased to be a period of no longer than four weeks.

As well, if you are have employees who agree to work more than 48 but less than 60 hours you no longer need ESD approval, a written agreement between the employer and the employee is sufficient for an excess hours agreement.

Additionally, you may now take down the ESA poster from your lunchroom. ESA must still be available to your employees, but the physical poster no longer needs to be displayed.

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